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Monday, February 18, 2019

Prey Drive: 200,000 plays on Spotify alone

Monday, February 18, 2019

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Lucky to be surrounded by a treasure trove of incredible musicians, i've had the proper pleasure to watch Prey Drive from earliest inception to the staggering 200,000 plays on Spotify alone, that their debut album 'Once More With Feeling' has now racked up, in what, 18 months?

For those of you who follow my content, blog, socials and the rest of it, you would've seen a lot of Prey Drive over the last year or so. I had the pleasure of touring Europe with them & good friends Mountains To Move, as well as creating content with them for socials. They're out on the road again now and if you're a band, promoter or venue, I really recommend you bring them to your town whilst you still can.

Yeah, there's always a lot of talk from writers about the 'next big thing' or 'ones to watch' but this, this is different. 

I've been around all members of the band for years, including 'Deers' (which featured Brad & Steve), 'Darwin & The Dinosaur' (included Steve) and even being in a band with Paul (see Fiorentina). They're four of the most talented musicians I know, their album is wholesome and brimming with hits (yeah, I did just write that) and rather than it being a playlist of shoehorned singles like many albums are at present, it ebbs and flows, it tells a story and it takes you on a right journey from start to stop.

Signed to Berlin label KROD Records, Brad & Steve discuss the writing process, the meaning behind the lyrics, as well as stories during recording. It's a deep-dive into the creative process and the perfect introduction to your new favourite band.

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Prey Drive: 200,000 plays on Spotify alone - Sunny Stuart Winter


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