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Monday, March 05, 2018

Music Journalism with Kerrang! & Noisey writer Mischa Pearlman

Monday, March 05, 2018

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Kerrang & Noisey writer Mischa Pearlman (Sunny Stuart Winter)

So you want to be a Music Journalist?

If the thought of interviewing your favourite bands, exciting new artists or your idols brings you endless waves of excitement, then perhaps Music Journalism is the profession for you?

With an abundance of blogs, websites, print media and zines available, all offering their insight and promoting their brand of music taste, why wouldn't you give a good go to writing about your passion? There's no time like the present. After all, that's what made me start this blog, not to mention the very video you're (hopefully) about to watch.

Who is Mischa Pearlman?

Mischa is a writer and music journalist for the likes of Kerrang! Magazine, Noisey (VICE) and the New York Observer, not to mention previous work with NME and Rock Sound. He is highly respected throughout the Music Industry and a friend to pretty much every person i've met throughout the business.

Our paths used to cross regularly in my early days of Music, where I would host bands, put on concerts and travel around the UK to gigs to spot exciting new talent to put on back home. At a time where i'd host many bands linked to Big Scary Monsters or those heavily involved in the Indie / Mathrock / Shoegaze scene, we would more often than not, be hanging with members of the same community.

After moving to New York in recent memory, I followed Mischa's career from afar and we'd stay in touch trying to arrange a long-overdue catch up, which became the opportunity for the video below.

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Curious how writers get involved with the likes of Kerrang! and Noisey?
Wonder what kind of assignments they work on?
Want to hear stories about Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance?

Then don't delay; click play!

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Music Journalism with Kerrang! & Noisey writer Mischa Pearlman - Sunny Stuart Winter


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