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Monday, January 08, 2018

Copyright Explained - Music Publishing for Unsigned Artists

Monday, January 08, 2018

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Copyright Explained (Sunny Stuart Winter)

Happy New Year! I wish all my readers, friends and acquaintances a happy and successful 2018. I really hope you enjoyed the festive season with friends, family and loved ones.

Have you set your New Years resolutions yet? Perhaps you want to become more independent? Maybe learn some new skills or lessons? Well... combine the two with my latest YouTube video helping unsigned musicians understand copyright, music publishing and how to get the most out of their rights.

Talking with many unsigned artists, music publishing was always the one topic of conversation that warranted the most questions. It seems that the works of music publishing, the value in the copyright or what happens when you sign a recording or publishing deal, is still unclear for many artists.

That's why I put together the first in a series of videos on Music Publishing, to give a clear and concise explanation of what it is, why it's valuable and how it relates to the wider Music Industry. I took my time writing this one to ensure it was easy to follow, clear on the difference between the different rights, as well as recording and publishing contracts, so if you enjoy it, if you find it useful, please click like and share it with friends.

Copyright Explained - Click Play

If you're looking to better yourself as a musician, if you want to learn how the Music Industry works and if you want your questions answered in real one-to-one feedback, then click here to subscribe and start watching.

Do you have a question about the Music Industry? Do you have a topic that you'd love me to cover? Is there information missing on YouTube that you think others would enjoy? Then comment below, on YouTube or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to let me know.

Until next time...

Copyright Explained - Music Publishing for Unsigned Artists - Sunny Stuart Winter


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