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Monday, June 26, 2017

Social Media Marketing for Musicians (2017)

Monday, June 26, 2017

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Social Media Marketing for Musicians
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It's something that I get asked regularly by musicians. What content are musicians meant to share to build an engaged following and grow a fanbase?

Heavily involved in the Music Industry, especially with unsigned and upcoming artists, I see so many band social media accounts that are either heavily neglected or a repetitive stream of plugs to listen to their track or watch their music video. It's frustrating, especially when you see a band that has potential; a great sound, good looks and a strong identity of where they fit within the music landscape.

Why it's important

Social media marketing is such a vital way, not only to get your name in front of new fans but to build a stronger bond between yourselves and your music, and music fanatics. But why is it important?

When fans have a stronger bond or allegiance with a band or musician, they're far more likely to engage with your releases, far more likely to attend your shows, buy your merchandise and perhaps most importantly, spread the word of mouth to their friends and family on your behalf; helping to grow your following.

The advent of social media has meant that any band or musician can now act as a marketing brand, they have full control over the message that they want to purvey and the way they communicate it.

Many fail to realise that your social media marketing is an extension of your music; it’s creativity. In the same way that you’d come up with a music video idea, or artwork, or even the song structure, why wouldn’t you approach your social media in the same way? Don’t see it as admin - it should be fun.

So if you want advice on your social media marketing for your band or music, look no further, click play above and if you find it useful, click here to subscribe to my channel where I’ll be posting regular advice and insight for unsigned and upcoming musicians.

Oh, and I’ve hidden Jeremy Corbyn in this video to make sure you’re paying attention. Comment on the video once you’ve found him!

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Social Media Marketing for Musicians (2017) - Sunny Stuart Winter


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