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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Music Podcast: Katie Malco (Alcopop / One Little Indian) - PR, community, songwriting

Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Such Great Heights Podcast: Episode 05

Being heavily involved in the music community and with a constant desire to network, i'm always pleased to meet new Industry professionals and artists alike; especially those that run in similar circles to myself. My interview with Katie Malco, solo musician signed to Alcopop! Records and PR for One Little Indian Records, exemplifies that.

Heading from East London (home) to Tooting Bec, I met with Katie at the HQ of One Little Indian Records, home to the likes of Bjork and my new favourites Fufanu. As guests go, Katie had two hats to wear; the artist and the PR Industry professional, which made this episode of Such Great Heights one of my favourites.

Although i'd never met Katie prior to this interview, I was fully aware of her in name and in music. We share mutual friends and acquaintances, many of whom are brought up in the conversation below as we delve into the path taken from her younger years, learning to play guitar, through gaining experience in the Industry, touring, to the present day.

If you're interested in getting into the PR side of the Music Industry, if you're a musician, and especially if you're a musician who is looking for press and promotion of your music, then this episode is perfect for you. Katie offers a glimpse into the life of a PR professional, while delivering sage advice on the art of storytelling to gain crucial press.

Watch the episode in full below and if you enjoy it, please click the thumbs up button on YouTube, as it really helps the video reach a wider audience. Big things are happening with the podcast and the Industry content I plan to deliver on my channel, so if you're interested in the Music Industry, click here and subscribe.

Many thanks to Katie for her time and to One Little Indian for having me down. I really enjoyed the conversation, free-flowing and open with so many great pieces of advice and guidance for those of you looking to make your way in the Industry.

If you want to help the Such Great Heights podcast to grow, please share it with your friends. The more support it gets, the bigger the guests I will pull and the more valuable the information offered.

Until next time...

Music Podcast: Katie Malco (Alcopop / One Little Indian) - PR, community, songwriting - Sunny Stuart Winter


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