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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Music Podcast: Dan Allen (Ducking Punches) - Punk, Touring, Illustration

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Such Great Heights Podcast: Episode 04

During the best years of my late teens and twenties, fully absorbed in the Norwich (UK) music scene, hosting gigs, aiding upcoming bands and touring, I bore witness to the growth of many artists from starting out to achieving the success they deserve after years of toil. And now, Ducking Punches are getting their just deserts.

Signing an album deal with supreme tastemaker Xtra Mile Recordings for their full length 2016 debut 'Fizzy Brain', Ducking Punches (sometimes Dan performing solo, sometimes full band) are seeing the fruits of their labour after tirelessly writing, independently touring, dedicatedly developing. 

For Episode 04 of my Music Industry video podcast (vlogcast? vidcast? podeo?), I sat down with frontman Dan Allen for a long overdue chat. We discuss the punk community and what it taught Dan, we talk about touring the UK and Europe, his passion and process of illustration, signing with Xtra Mile and much more.

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Many thanks to Dan Allen for taking the time to chat with me. Although we're in similar social circles, we've never had such an in-depth conversation so it was a real pleasure. There were some topics we didn't get around to discussing but we'll revisit them down the line. For now, support Ducking Punches on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as they go from strength to strength.

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Music Podcast: Dan Allen (Ducking Punches) - Punk, Touring, Illustration - Sunny Stuart Winter


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