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Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Truth: Gaining Twitter Followers 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Having seen so many YouTube videos giving terrible advice to viewers referencing the follow/unfollow method, I took it upon myself to share my advice on how to build a truly engaged following and the reasons for it.

Any social media user dreams of having a huge following who engages with the content they share. Due to this, many people try to cut corners by following and unfollowing users in a short space of time without realising the whole purpose of social media is the engagement, not the number of followers.

Yes, there are thousands of these people out there with tens of thousands of followers, but look at the amount of people liking, replying or retweeting their content and you'll notice it to be very low considering their high follower metrics.

But why should I listen to you? I hear you ask. Well, during my three-year BA (Hons) degree course at University, I undertook first class research into social media influence and the psychology / sociology of social media behaviour. You can read it in full (all 9,386 words) by clicking this link.

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Hi, i’m Sunny, I’m an award-nominated Music Industry blogger & social media influencer and here’s some tips on how to gain Twitter followers

I see SO many YouTube videos spouting terrible advice to people online, completely missing the point of what followers are and why you want them.

Having done first class research on social media influence and followers, PLEASE do not listen to anyone who recommends following and unfollowing tons of users in a short space of time. Ask yourself – what is the point?

We all know its difficult to gain a following on social media, it takes time and for bands and artists, it can seem like a full time job on top of school or college or work. But cutting corners isn’t the answer.

I see so many social media users, especially on Twitter, who have tens of thousands of followers, but will only have 5 or 6 interactions on their tweets. The purpose of social media is engagement – you want people replying to your content, sharing it, being interested in what you have to say and that comes with quality and consistency. People can see through hollow follower metrics – it’s not about having the highest number of followers anymore.

As a band or artist or anyone on social media, you have to first understand your brand; what is it that you’re offering? What makes you unique? What makes you you?

It’s tricky to stand out as a musician due to the sheer number of musicians out there so if you’re looking at what similar bands and artists are doing and copying them, you’re not going to stand out.

Images of interesting social media content throughout this paragraph
One of the main principles I learnt during University was that When everyone zigs, you should zag (image). This basically means, instead of looking at what others are doing and trying to fit the mould, look at others and do something completely different. That is the way to stand out.

SO MANY musicians are sharing the same content – “come to our next gig”, “listen to our music”, “watch our video” but think outside the box – what content could you share that will 1. Grab the attention of non-followers 2. Entertain current followers 3. Display your unique personality? Your unique brand.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. When it comes to building a following, think long term. And remember: content, content, content.

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The Truth: Gaining Twitter Followers 2017 - Sunny Stuart Winter


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