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Monday, March 06, 2017

Music Podcast: Laila K (Sonic Boom Six) - Touring, Identity, Politics

Monday, March 06, 2017

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Such Great Heights Podcast: Episode 02

After great response from Episode 01 of my new Music Industry podcast 'Such Great Heights', I got the chance to sit down with Laila K, singer for Sonic Boom Six, in the first of many in-depth artist interviews.

In the conversation you can hear below, we discuss what hooked Laila into joining a band, the trajectory of Sonic Boom Six, relentless touring both Nationally and Internationally, as well as the importance of lyrical content in songwriting.

Known for the political themes displayed in many of their songs, the conversation moves on naturally to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump, how easy (but damaging) it is to live in an echo chamber thanks to social media and why, to move forward in society, a dialogue must be open with those who do not necessarily share the same opinions.

Artist interviews on Such Great Heights provide a deeper understanding of the musicians featured, help understand their journey from early days to present day and allow a discussion on issues that truly matter most to them. In Laila's case, we discuss identity.

If you enjoy the podcast, it'd really mean a lot if you could share it on social media and with likeminded friends who may enjoy it too. The more popular the podcast gets, the easier it will be to get a glimpse behind the veil of ever more popular musicians and creatives.

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Music Podcast: Laila K (Sonic Boom Six) - Touring, Identity, Politics - Sunny Stuart Winter


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