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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Euro Tour, the Dutch Police & Upcoming Content

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Share it Please

It's been quite some time since i've posted and for that, I can only apologise but i've been busy, galavanting around Europe on tour with the ever-exciting Darwin & The Dinosaur (if you haven't heard their music yet, make sure you click here).

The Tour

I was lucky enough to travel across Europe for the second time in nine months, tour managing and driving the band on the eleven-date stint through Germany, Holland and Belgium.

It never ceases to amaze me how different promoters seem to be in mainland Europe as opposed to those in England. I don't plan on making this post a promoter-bashing, but seriously: food, drinks, well promoted shows and places to stay are a given in the likes of Germany and co - is it really hard to offer the same here in England?

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring new towns and cities whilst on the road. Some we had ample time to wander around and see the sights, while others were a drive from A to B to then set up for the concert in the evening. Such is life on the road.

This tour (2014) certainly stepped up from the 2013 tour. Half the shows were played along with new friends in German hardcore band Fjørt.

It would be easy to see the band once and then enjoy the downtime at the rest of the shared shows, but Fjørt commanded my attention, making a whole heap of noise for a trio. If you like your music heavy, then press play on 'Demontage' to the left. I made sure to support the band so bought a couple of their t-shirts to rep' in the UK.

While travelling from Steenwijk, Holland to Hamburg, Germany, we had our 2nd run in with the 'law' in 2 tours. Inevitable. It must be something about seeing a van full of guys, a GB sticker on the back of the transit, or perhaps our insatiable good looks, because 200 metres before we even passed the motorcycled police, I told Charlie (videographer) to get his camera as I believed we would be pulled over.

Psychic or cynical? The police were lovely though to be fair. Just a routine check at a checkpoint. They checked our passports, opened the back of the van to check for drugs and before you knew it, we were on our way. No ridiculous fines for not having our lights on in the daylight like last tour! Oh, and needless to say, no drugs!

Hildesheim, Germany also brought many new memories. Darwin played really well through the whole tour and were very successful in selling merchandise and gaining new fans. Hildesheim saw the crowd dancing whilst Darwin progressed through their set and after the show, the venue turned into a club night. We were all in the mood for a dance and a drink.

Partial and full nudity, passing out and a plenty of 'shapes' were thrown until 4:30am when we retired to our dance studio bedroom. So many good memories and so many wonderful locals were met.

I'll always be thankful for the friendliness of other bands whilst on the road as well as the locals. It was a complete pleasure sharing the van and exploring with the band plus Charlie & Mulley, and it's also lovely hearing about the lives of local strangers, what they think of their local music scene, bands that we should keep an eye out for and what they thought of Darwin. You can't put a price on human interaction.

Charlie has a wealth of high quality photos from the tour (all bar one of the photos on this post are by the man himself) which can be found at www.charliewallisphotography.co.uk that really help to retain the memories of travelling around, especially when so much happens day to day, you wake up in Holland, you go to sleep in Germany, etc.

All in all, Europe was, as expected, really good fun and because of it, we've now got added riches of new friends, new venues to visit and new bands to promote so all I can say is thank you to everyone involved, especially all the guys in Darwin & The Dinosaur, not only for their pleasurable music every night but the friendship of each one of them, as well as Charlie & Mulley. Extremely lucky to be able to hit the road with six hilarious, kind and rad guys where we all look out for each other and make sure we're all enjoying ourselves.

There will be more tours, which are currently in early stages of planning, so i'm already looking forward to them. Keep an eye out for new photos and videos from Charlie as he uploads content from the tour. Follow the guys on Twitter: @andthedinosaur, @charliewphotos & @mulllehhh

Coming Up

I've been planning plenty of content whilst away, keen to add to the mix of Industry discussions, interviews with experienced artists and plenty more. Regularly emailing PR companies, bands and managers to get some insider discussions.

All I can say is keep checking back to the blog to await updates and i'll do my best to create and post interesting content for you to enjoy. If there are any topics in particular you'd like covered, or interviews with any particular persons, then drop a comment below or email me to let me know. This blog is for your further understanding and education of the Music Industry, as much as anyones.

In the next few weeks I will also be posting up an essay I did for University about subcultures which i'd like to think is an interesting read. It's actually about hipsters, but the aspects I discuss could be deemed relevant for other subcultures; understanding them will certainly help anyone understand their target audience within their chosen subculture. I'd love your response to that when it comes out, albeit in a few weeks time.

Also, i've been adding a lot of images and content onto my Twitter and Instagram accounts which have, quite frankly, been going crazy of late. Very thankful for those who have added me and liked what i've been posting, so if you're not following me on either of them (why not????), feel free to click the follow button and let's have some conversation.

I'll also be finally getting round to launching my YouTube channel where I will be further discussing the Music Industry and advice for upcoming artists. If you have any questions you'd like answering one-on-one, then email me and i'll do a video response for it that will go up on my channel. Chances are, you are not alone in wanting to ask questions, there is an abundance of upcoming artists seeking advice and tips, so don't be shy!

Get in touch

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I look forward to hearing from you.

It's good to be back!

Sunny x

Euro Tour, the Dutch Police & Upcoming Content - Sunny Stuart Winter


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