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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Midem 2014 - Essential Content

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Share it Please

A month has passed since the annual Midem Music Conference that discusses the pressing points, technology and future of the Music & Entertainment Industry.

Taking place in Cannes, France; the event brings together those working within the Music Industry across the World to take part in discussions that give a glimpse into what the near future may hold, from those working within the business who have an idea of what trends may appear.

Whilst not all may be able to afford the ticket, flight & accommodation combo to attend the event (or equivalents at the likes of the Great Escape in Brighton, SXSW in Austin, Texas, etc), the beauty of the Internet allows us to watch and learn from keynote speeches from the comfort of our own homes.

If you're working, or interested in working within the Music & Entertainment Industry and you're not proactively searching to improve your knowledge, then you're definitely missing a trick. It is because of this, i've decided to create this blog to embed a selection of my favourite keynote speeches from Midem 2014.

If you happen to watch these via this blog, it would mean a lot to me if you could tweet a link to this post including my Twitter handle (@sunnynorwich) so as to share this wealth of knowledge. Many thanks!

Building a Loyal & Engaged Audience on YouTube

With YouTube as one of the most important platforms for Artist branding, audience interaction and the benefits it has within social media, Midem brought in YouTube's Audience Development Strategist EMEA, Marie-Louise Letendre.

Highly informative about gaining leverage from releasing music videos, shoulder content such as 'the Making of' videos, and Tour videos. Really interesting content whether you're an artist, band, manager or linked to artists in anyway (so basically... everyone).

The Definitive Future of the Music Business

With so much discussion about the proposed demise of the Music Industry (don't worry - it's not going to happen), Marc Geiger (WME, USA), Horst Weidenmueller (!K7, Germany) and Emmanuel de Buretel (Because Music, France) bring some insight into how money may be made in the near future of the Music Industry. The importance of publishing, copyright, 360 deals and technology are all debated.

Fueled by Video Success

It may seem that this blog post is very YouTube/video-centric, but let's face it... visual content is a massive part of artist and brand engagement, so getting your video strategy right could mean the difference between global brand awareness and only local-scale awareness. This also expands into mobile.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Leonelli at an event some time ago whose Digital Music Trends podcast is a must-see for all reading this. Regular Industry guests and high quality, engaging content.

Next Big Thing in Licensing

Whether you're clued up about Music Publishing or not, this panel discusses the likes of Information Infrastructure, Synchronisation & Remix culture with an International panel; all of which are vitally important in monetising songs and ensuring artists & publishers are paid the correct royalties accordingly, across the World over.

The above list is only the tip of the Midem iceberg. The Midem YouTube channel has a wealth of videos with hours of content that discuss the ever-changing Industry, the effects of new technology and the future of the Music Industry; all of which will help to improve the viewers understanding of the current state of the Industry and where it may be headed to give leverage in potential new businesses or opportunities.

As always, get in touch with me on Twitter (@sunnynorwich) if you watch any of the videos so we can have a natter about the video(s) you watch, the content it discusses and our own, personal ideas of what the future may hold.
Midem 2014 - Essential Content - Sunny Stuart Winter


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